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WinX DVD Copy Pro 3.7.2

A tool for backing up your DVD movies through several methods
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Many of us have ever wondered about the best way to backup our DVD movies. Certainly there are several ways to achieve this, like copying them into blank DVDs, saving them as ISO image files or extracting their contents into regular video files. However, for any of those options you need a specialized software tool that makes the trick for you. WinX DVD Copy Pro is one of the best available ones you can use for this.

The program's user interface is rather clear and easy to use. From its left side you can select the backup method you want to use among "Clone DVD to DVD", "Clone DVD to ISO", "Clone DVD to VIDEO_TS Folder", "Copy to Single MPEG2 File", "Clone DVD Chapter", "Extract Video Only" and "Extract Audio Only". Whatever method you choose, you can select your source DVD (in case you have more than one loaded) and the target burning drive, ISO file name/location or folder. The first three methods, that are in fact 1:1 copy methods, also allow you to select the number of sectors to be read per time and the number of sectors to be jumped when finding a bad one. The other backup methods, that involve demultiplexing the original movie and re-encoding it, allow you to select the source title and/or chapter to be backed up. As you may have already guessed, this program can also be used to extract the video stream only or the audio stream only from your DVD movie, for which you can select the corresponding video and audio tracks.

One of the greatest features of WinX DVD Copy Pro is that it supports backing up copy-protected DVDs, even if they are protected using the latest technologies such as CSS, Region Code, RCE, UOPs, Sony ARccOS and Disney Fake, among others. The developers are constantly including support for the newest protection methods with each new release. In addition, this program includes special features to backup scratched DVDs, so you can use it to recover all those classics your standard DVD player cannot play anymore.

Finally, this program comes packed with two complementary tools, the "ISO Mounter" and the "DVD Burner". The former allows you to select an ISO image file and mount it on a virtual drive (you can select its letter), and the latter helps you burn a blank DVD either from an ISO image file or from a standard VIDEO_TS folder. Unfortunately, none of them supports image files in formats other than ISO.

In conclusion, WinX DVD Copy Pro provides you with multiple practical and powerful ways to backup your DVD movies, even if they are protected and/or scratched. The program is compatible with all versions and editions of Windows, including Windows 10. However, I would say it's a bit pricey as compared with other tools that, while probably not providing the same functionality, are much cheaper.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Makes identical DVD to DVD copies
  • Clones a DVD movie into an ISO file
  • Saves a DVD movie as a VIDEO_TS folder
  • Extracts specific titles and/or chapters from a DVD movie
  • Extracts the audio/video streams separately from a DVD movie
  • Backups copy-protected DVD movies
  • Backups scratched DVD movies
  • Mounts an ISO image file as a virtual DVD disc
  • Burns blank DVD discs from different sources


  • Supports ISO image file format only
  • A bit pricey
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